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Cable TV Services

Channel Lineup

See the Cable TV Channel Line-up page for the most up-to-date information.

Premium Services/Comcast Converter Boxes

The College of New Jersey is not equipped to provide, support or accept Comcast premium services or any Comcast service requiring a bi-directional converter box.

A converter box from Comcast is not required to receive the programming package provided to The College. Bi-directional converter boxes are unsupported on our network at this time.

Satellite Television

The College of New Jersey does not support services provided via satellite or any provider that utilizes a “dish”. It is prohibited to extend objects out building windows or to affix objects to any part of the building structure.

Cable Ready Television Sets

You will need a coaxial cable with F connectors. One end connects to the cable/antenna/VHF jack on the back of your television set, the other end connects to the wall CATV outlet. Once you have connected the cable, you will need to program your television to receive the campus cable channels. The instruction manual that came with your television should have instructions on how to program cable channels. If you have lost the manual, try searching for your television model number online (e.g. Google). The College does not have extensive knowledge on programming specific televisions.

Non-Cable Ready Sets

If you have an older television (e.g.. with a rotary knob), that is not cable ready you will need a cable converter box or a cable ready VCR.

With a cable ready VCR or DVD recorder

You will need two coaxial cables with F connectors, or one coaxial cable and one audio/video cable. Connect one coaxial cable to the CABLE IN/ANTENNA/VHF jack on the back of your VCR or DVD recorder; the other end connects to the CATV outlet on the wall.

If using the coaxial cable connection to the television, connect a second coaxial cable from the CABLE OUT on the VCR/DVD to the CABLE IN/ANTENNA/VHF jack on your television set. Some older sets may require a 75 Ohm-300 Ohm adapter. This adapter converts the coaxial cable’s connector to a flat, twin lead cable with two U-shaped connecters that screw onto the back of your TV.

If using the audio/video cable connections connect the audio/video cable from the VCR/DVD A/V output to the television A/V input. If necessary configure Program the VCR or DVD recorder and tune your TV to channel 3 or 4. Select channels by using the VCR or DVD recorder.

Purchasing a Coaxial Cable

You may purchase any of the above-mentioned items at Radio Shack, Best Buy, or any other TV and electronics store. The nearest Radio Shack is located at 1867 N. Olden Ave, (771-1029). Best Buy is located on U.S. Rt. 1. The College Bookstore may also carry these items.

Support and Assistance

If AFTER reading these instructions, you still need help, or if there is a reception problem, call the ResNet office at 609-771-3138. If necessary, a service technician will be dispatched to your room.

Note: When you disconnect the coaxial cable from the CATV wall outlet, be sure to UNSCREW THE CONNECTOR first. Do not try to yank the cable free.